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District Governor's Cup Champions!
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On Saturday, February 28, 2015, Manchester Elementary Academic Team dominated the District Governor's Cup competition!

Manchester Elementary academic team students brought home the District Governor's Cup trophy! 

MES placed first in the Overall Competition; first in the FPS competition, and received the Sportsmanship award as well. 

The Academic Quick Recall team, coached by Mrs. Elisha Sester, consists of:

  • Clara Collins                                            
  • Adyson Hooker 
  • Sydney Sester
  • Jacob Jones
  • Allison Baker
  • Jaxon Hooker
  • Catherine Wagers
  • Jarrod Jones
  • Chase Collins
  • John Wiley Sibert
  • Taylor Messer
  • Reece Nolan

The Future Problem Solving team, coached by Mrs. Teresa Fields, consists of:

  • Allison Baker
  • Catherine Wagers
  • Chase Collins
  • Dustin Jackson
  • Jaxon Hooker

Individual testing results:

Science                                              Math

1st.  Clara Collins                               2nd. Sydney Sester

2nd.  Allison Baker                             5th.  Taylor Messer

Social Studies                                   Arts and Humanities

1st. Jacob Jones                                 1st. Sydney Sester

3rd. John Sibert                                   2nd. Jarrod Jones

5th. Jarrod Jones                                 5th. Jaxon Hooker

Language Arts                                   Composition

1st. Clara Collins                                 1st. Adyson Hooker

2nd Adyson Hooker                             3rd. Taylor Messer and Elivia Marcum


Congratulations!  You've made us proud!  

Now.... on to Region!  Best of Luck on March 21, 2015!  



  • Manchester Elementary School