Board Of Education

Clay County Public Schools Mission Statement:  

ALL Students Will Graduate College and Career Ready Because of What We Do.

Clay County Public Schools Vision Statement:

CCPS:  Where students are our #1 priority, where the school and community are active partners, where students receive the world-class education and experiences they deserve every day, where students receive the services they need when they need it, so that ALL students graduate College and Career Ready.


Clay County Public School School Board Goals 2015-2016

1.  Improving student attendance to 94%.

2.  Enhancing the culture of all schools by improving how welcoming and inviting each school is overall as well as the classrooms themselves.

3.  Offering personalized learning for students based on data.

4.  Increasing the instructional rigor and engagement that exists in each classroom.

5.  Integrating technology into daily instruction, all grades – all subjects.